A Home Away From Home

Bluestem Communities offers a thriving and supportive environment for your loved one to spend the day when you need daily or weekly relief from caregiving. You will have peace of mind that your loved one is well taken care of while attending to your life’s daily responsibilities.

Adult day services are available at our Hesston location of Schowalter Villa. Designed for adults, age 62 or older who need part time-supervised care due to physical and/or cognitive impairment, adult day services can provide you a needed break or coverage for a care need that you are unable to meet.  

Adult day services are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Your loved one can come for an hour, a partial day or a full day — pricing varies based on your needs.  

A plan of care is developed addressing specific needs of each participant and his or her family. Services may include assistance with personal care, rest periods in a recliner, life enriching activities, a meal, and medication administration.  

Additional services may be provided on a Fee-For-Service basis including physical, occupational, or speech therapy; bathing; nail care; foot care; manicures; additional meals; medical treatments or wound care.  

Call 888-388-7445 for more information.

What is the difference between respite care and adult day services?

If your loved one is receiving respite care, they can rest overnight as they are given a room at Schowalter Villa. With adult day services, care is limited to during the day — anytime between 8 am and 5 pm. When receiving adult day services, your loved one can come to Schowalter Villa for part of the day or for all of the day. With both respite and adult day services, pricing varies based on how long they will be staying with us.