Supportive Temporary Care

Respite care Schowalter Villa offers a thriving and supportive environment for your loved one to stay when you need short-term relief from caregiving. You will have peace of mind that your loved one is well taken care of while you take trip out of town, enjoy a weekend of rest or attend to your own medical needs.

Your loved one will have a room and be able to rest through the night with the support of caregivers available. From showering or bathing to enriching activities and nutritious meals, we are well equipped to meet all of your loved one’s needs while offering meaningful interactions and compassionate care.

For more information about these services, please contact Amy Wedel, Social Worker, at 620-327-3414 or via our contact form.

What is the difference between respite care and adult day services?

If your loved one is receiving respite care, they can rest overnight as they are given a room at Schowalter Villa. With adult day services, care is limited to during the day — anytime between 8 am and 5 pm. When receiving adult day services, your loved one can come to Schowalter Villa for part of the day or for all of the day. With both respite and adult day services, pricing varies based on how long they will be staying with us.