The following questions are commonly asked by prospective residents and their families. If you have additional questions, please call us at 888-388-7445.

When is the best time to move to Schowalter Villa?

Most residents say the best time to move to our campus is while you are still active and able to take advantage of the carefree lifestyle. By taking advantage of maintenance-free living you have the time to pursue hobbies, travel, and visit friends and family.

Is Schowalter Villa a non-profit Christian organization?

Yes, we are a non-profit Christian organization owned and operated by Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities of Kansas, Inc. in Hesston, Kansas. Our services are provided without regard to race, creed, or national origin. Individuals from all Christian denominations live on our campus.

Can I afford to live at Schowalter Villa?

Yes, our mission is to serve people of all income levels. We offer a wide variety of financial plans and housing options, including rent subsidy units, to meet all income levels.

If I can no longer live in independent living, will there be a place for me in other Schowalter Villa facilities?

We give top priority to those living on campus when they need or want to move to one of our other levels of care. We cannot guarantee that we will always have available a private room or the level of care needed at a particular time. When a room comes available, our residents always have top priority.

If I have to move into the Health Care Center, what happens to my spouse?

Your spouse may continue to live in your current home or, depending on your spouse’s health condition, join you at the Health Care Center. We are very flexible in working with people in all circumstances.

What if I need help with household repairs?

We take care of all interior and exterior household repairs.

Who will watch my place and take care of my yard when I am traveling?

If a resident is planning to be gone, we maintain and watch over the home and yard. Residents fill out an informational slip when they plan to be gone an extended period of time. We encourage them to notify a neighbor or family member if houseplants or flowers must be watered or additional services are needed.

Do you offer different payment plans?

If you live in Lakeside Village, Lake Vista, or Arbor Vista you may choose from four payment options to best fit your financial preferences. Select the payment that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

What does the service fee cover?

The cost of building insurance, water, sewer, and trash collection, lawn care and snow removal, maintenance and repair of building, exterior and interior, maintenance and replacement of appliances, plumbing, heating, air conditioning equipment, as needed, replacement of bulbs in ceiling fixtures, painting of interior as determined necessary by the Villa, real estate taxes (if any), campus infrastructure, private streets, on-campus chapel and chaplain, use of commons areas, and Bluestem Wellness Center membership.

What if I need more services than what is provided in my basic fees?

Social Services can provide information for available community resources you can hire at an additional cost.

Who decides if I must move into Assisted Living or the Health Care Center?

If we are concerned about the safety or well-being of a resident, the staff will work with the resident, the resident’s physician, legal representative, or family member to arrive at a decision.

If I don’t have room for overnight guests, does Schowalter Villa have accommodations?

We have comfortable guest rooms available at a competitive rate.

If I want to plan a large private party, where could I hold it?

We have several options on campus for get-togethers or parties.

What about storm shelters?

We have storm shelters located throughout the campus.