Bluestem Gala

Bluestem Communities invites you to support our mission in 2021 with a Homestyle version of our Bluestem Gala. This annual event is a special evening that helps provide for the needs of our residents and participants. The Bluestem Gala Homestyle will include a pick-up meal with simple preparation instructions featuring top-quality dishes created by our excellent Bluestem chefs. This Homestyle event is an opportunity, in the comfort of your homes, for individuals, couples, friends and family to enjoy and evening of food, drinks, conversation and laughter while supporting the mission at Bluestem Communities.

WHEN: November 06, 2021 6:00 pm
WHERE: In the comfort of your home!

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Contact Deb Ratzlaff: 620-327-3413 or 316-836-4879 or